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Important Information

  • All Conciliation Conferences, Certificate of Default Hearings and 341 Meetings of Creditors will be held virtually via Zoom.  Please see the Home page of our site for instructions
  • You may not buy, sell, trade or give away any real estate without permission from the Court
  • You may request a “Trustee’s Report to Debtor” by voicemail or in writing.  You MUST include your case number

  • All creditors must be listed in your plan.  To add a creditor, contact your attorney
  • If a creditor contacts you after your case is filed, give the creditor your case number and your attorney’s contact information
  • Non-Payment will result in the DISMISSAL of your case
  • Without prior Court approval, you CANNOT purchase anything on credit while you are under the Chapter 13 plan.  Contact your attorney with questions regarding this
  • If you cannot make your Chapter 13 plan payment, you must notify your attorney and then the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee
  • If a wage attachment is your method plan payment, please remember that you are responsible for making your plan payments directly until your employer starts the deduction
  • Your plan payments should start IMMEDIATELY